Save this one for a night when all you want is for your brain to let you rest. Too often I go to bed, my body exhausted, my mind unable to stop moving. Luckily, there’s this masterful version of “Once Upon a December” from the (highly underrated) animated movie Anastasia. It’s a perfect piece to guide you to a peaceful slumber, because this music? It’s the stuff of dreams.


ruthlesscalibrations asked:

Alair/Pierce, happy

pierceaholic answered:

Alair studied the board carefully, double checking the pieces before moving his rook into position.  With a victorious fist-pump, he shouted, “Yes! Checkmate!” He jabbed a finger at Pierce and added, “Suck on that, Chessmaster.” 

Pierce’s jaw dropped. “Shit. I honestly did not see that coming.” After a moment, his expression of bewilderment shifted into a wide grin. 

"Okay, what’s with you? You didn’t look that happy the last 40 times you won." 

"That’s ‘cause you hadn’t figured out the game yet. There was no challenge. Now that you know? Things gonna finally get interesting." 

Alair sighed. “I’m guessing this means even more chess in my future.” 

"Hell, yeah!" Pierce said, casting a hopeful look in his direction. "I mean… you know I’ve been searching for a partner."

"Yeah." Alair smiled and put a hand on Pierce’s thigh. "Now you’ve got one." 





E.L. James knows as much about BDSM as she would have found in a five minute Google search, which is to say that she knows precisely jack shit.

50 Shades of Grey does not depict a realistic kinky relationship, nor…