celesteennui asked:

Fray has never held a baby. Not even once. She has two cousins and both are older than she is.

kakumei answered:

Was it just because of a lack of opportunity or by choice?

I think the only person Hana was on amicable terms with in her immediate family was her grandmother, but sadly she passed when Hana was eight, not long after her more vindictive grandfather. A lot of Hana’s prized possessions from her childhood were gifts her grandmother gave her - her kimono, a white cotton teddy bear outfitted in pink corduroy (she had that since she was a baby), and a jewel-encrusted music box being a few. Her grandmother had Bleeding Hearts planted outside Hana’s window at the family mansion because she knew that they were Hana’s favorites. Not much flora grew around Hana’s window after her grandmother passed, though.

Predominantly, Hana’s grandmother didn’t see Hana as a pawn on a chestboard like the others did. She regarded Hana as an innocent child, and though she was strict and tough she was quite good-natured.

Aww. Grandmas are the best <3

Mostly it was just never being around them, so by the time she got her first opportunity, she was just like, “Ew. No. I don’t really know what it is but I know it shits its pants.” Fray’s maternal instincts are buried deep if they exist at all.

infinity-on-l0w asked:

(oc fact thing) whispers ok so my boss (megan ) is a closet nyte blayde fan and the only person who knows is matt and they geek out about it sometimes \ o /

Lol, hiding like a…Blade in the…Night?

XO Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Fray can give a pretty good—and understandable—summary of Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. Her mom, the Physics Doc, considered it summer reading. Fray is STILL a little embarrassed that she actually knows what it’s all about.

kakumei asked:

Hana freaking ADORES puns. She knows many of them in Japanese, though sometimes there are cultural barriers with the ones she hears in English. Matt is constantly amused by how they make her howl like a madwoman.

Hana is so adorkable, I love her.

Fray’s dad took her back to Athens almost every summer until she was 18. Her mom never went (all of her aunts didn’t get along with Zehra) but they were always very sweet to Fray. All except her eldest auntie, Filippa, were career women without children. Her favorite was her youngest aunt, Katina, who ran a scuba diving school. Fray spent a lot of time diving with her.



"Columbia Univeristy senior Emma Sulkowicz plans on carrying an extra-long, twin-size to every class, every day until the man she says raped her moves off campus. Sulkowicz is one of three women who made complaints to Columbia against the same fellow senior, who was found "not responsible" in all three cases."

Beyond ‘No Means No’  by Jessica Valenti for The Guardian